Personalised Treatment Programmes

We believe in a person-centred approach to therapy and are led by the conviction that no two people are the same. We take great care to personalise your treatment by matching it to your unique needs. This process goes hand in hand with the  distinctive relationship fostered with your therapist which allows the required understanding of your difficulties to arise, be understood and worked through.

Our personalised plan will address the connection between the mind, body and spirit of each individual focusing on therapy for your mind, fitness and nutrition for your body and nature for your spirit.  We use the most up to date evidence-based treatment modalities that have a foundation in proven and practical methods of treatment.  Treatment includes individual therapy that is integrative as well as psycho-educational, therapeutic group work and stress management strategies.  We also focus on physical wellbeing through nutrition and exercise planning.  We also incorporate the use of a software app that will help to keep you motivated and compliant with your treatment plan.

How To Make An Appointment
To make an appointment please call us on 087-2958938 or email us at