Our Approach

At Get Your Measure our primary focus is in helping people who are worried or affected by their alcohol consumption to cut down or quit.  Our qualified and experienced staff provide personalised and effective treatment programmes that are evidence based and have a foundation in proven and practical methods of treatment.  We also provide support for people affected by another person’s alcohol misuse or addiction.  In addition, our Service offers specific counselling for a wide range of issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, low self-esteem,  abuse, trauma, anger management, relationship and work related issues.

Our Beliefs

We believe firmly in the connection between mind, body and spirit of each individual.  We feel it is critical to address and combine all of these aspects into a personalised plan which emerges from an integrative approach that is drawn from Humanism, Person-Centeredness, Cognitive Based Therapy (CBT), Choice Theory, Motivational Interviewing and Community Reinforcement approaches.  We hold that dependence on substances and behaviours is about one’s unconscious efforts to soothe the deep pain that is rooted in trauma.  Studies show a substantial causative link between all types of trauma and addiction.  Trauma can include developmental trauma, attachment and ruptures to bonding with a primary caregiver, emotional, physical, mental and sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence, either experienced or witnessed, and many other negative situations that a client may have experienced in childhood.