Getting Back on Track

Our Mind and Body Transformation Programme is about personalised care planning, consultations and support from our specialist team to help get you back on track.  It includes psychological therapy, peer support, lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition.


Simple but effective changes

We will help you to change your life by assessing your needs and improve how you meet them whilst avoiding high risk situations, learning to relax and helping you to reach your potential through authenticity.


Our Therapeutic Approach

We offer a safe and confidential place where we can help you to explore you, your life and the things that bother you.  We listen to the way you feel and how this affects you.  We are trained professionals and we are here to help you improve and reframe life goals so you can achieve your full potential.   We use an integrative approach that draws from various therapeutic models such as Person-Centredness, Motivational Interviewing, Choice Theory, CBT and Solution Focused Theory.