Cutting back improved my sleep and wallet!

Dry January

Thousands of people are into their second week off booze for the month of January.  This is the annual ritual of skipping all alcohol for 30 days to improve your health.  But what happens if you manage to nail Dry January, then decide to keep going – for another two years?

Less stress, improved sleep

A New York designer did just that, and the results were genuinely surprising.  One of the big things that disappeared from his life? Gossip. There were also some other clear, big wins for both his body and his wallet: he says he saved $1,000 a month, his sleep quality improved, and he felt less stressed.  Living in New York, Tobias says it’s normal to have 1-2 drinks every day and found that by cutting out the occasional cocktail, he managed to accrue $1000 more in his bank account.

More cash

“Assume that I have 2–3 cocktails every other day (which are $10 each without tip), including some wine bottles every month for at home, I can easily spend $1000,” he added.  While his cash-flow increased, so did his sleep quality as Tobias afforded skipping that post-work beer for an improved night’s kip.  Irish Independent, 5 January, 2017.