Exercising outdoors is better for you!

Yes, it’s true – recent scientific research confirms our own experience, that there are more benefits to physical and mental wellbeing from exercising in a natural environment!  Included in the scientific review were studies that made a comparison with the benefits of outdoor exercise initiatives with those performed indoors.  Most of the studies reviewed confirmed that exercising in the natural environment improved mental wellbeing and was linked to increased energy, greater feelings of revitalisation and positive engagement, along with decreases in confusion, tension, depression and anger. Individuals also reported greater satisfaction and enjoyment with outdoor exercise and reported they were more likely to exercise again in the future.

This analysis has revealed some encouraging effects on self reported mental wellbeing right after exercise in a natural environment, in contrast to those reported right after indoor exercise indoor. This review supports the positive effects of programmes that include innovative interventions by practitioners who incorporate outdoor exercising as part of holistic treatments for those experiencing depression and similar mental conditions.  As the population continues to migrate towards urban environments, increasing efforts are necessary to reconnect individuals with nature by means of programmes such as ours to counteract the negative results of modern living.